How Fitness Became My Passion

Let's go WAY back. I mean as far back as 11-12 years old. I had never been the "skinny" girl and even way back at that age I was very unconfident in myself! I was a dancer so I had good activity but it was what I was eating that wasn't allowing my body to change. Fast forward 4 years to my highest weight.. when I just started high school (9th grade) and was NOT taking care of myself! Still a dancer, but I was more worried about when my next 2 hour nap was going to be, rather than my health. One day it did finally hit me and I started a healthy eating plan as well as doing cardio. I kept losing weight and was down about 26 pounds the rest of my high school life! 

After I graduated from high school AND my dance school in 2007, I was out of my routine and not realizing what I was eating or doing to myself. Weight crept back on me and I was shocked, it felt like it happened overnight! 

One day, I saw the turbojam infomercial and was instantly convinced to buy it! The minute I bought it I started to follow the workout plan and saw results very quickly! I lost everything I had gained back and was hooked on the DVD's and loved Chalene Johnson! I did it for 2 years while I was working full-time, but then when I was about to start college. 


I moved into my apartment at school and  got away from the beachbody programs for a while.  For my Freshman year of school I was just doing just machine workouts randomly at the gym. Let me tell you, ellipticals and bikes work for a lot of people, but not for me. I not only had gained some weight back but was now at a plateau and very frustrated!
Fast forward to my sophomore year..  still at a plateau.. so I decided one day to pop in my Turbo Jam and realized why I loved it so much. There is NOTHING better than using just your own body and getting the BEST workout in and being able to follow a set schedule so you KNOW what to do each day. I continued to do that each morning before class and saw awesome results. By the end of the Fall Semester I was down the rest of my weight making it a total of SIXTY pounds gone! I was able to fit into a size 4 for the FIRST time in my life! I was ecstatic!
I was starting to finally see the results of all of my hard work and in the summer of 2011 heard that Chalene Johnson had another workout program that was a little more intense than Turbo Jam called Turbo Fire. I randomly tweeted about it and a lady named Brittnae replied and told me all about it. We started talking more and more and she mentioned she was a coach and could help. I was super excited and told her about my Turbo Jam success story and she's like "WHAT?! Why not coach yourself? You have probably inspired so many others to start a journey of their own!" 
I thought about it for a few days and realized she was right. It just seemed like the right choice for me so I took the plunge and did it. I became a Beachbody Coach in July of 2011! It was then that I ordered Turbo Fire & Shakeology with my 25% discount and started a new journey with these two awesome products. I kept up with my workouts & drank my shakeology each day and saw a big difference in my body and the way I felt. I was gaining STRENGTH now and wasn't so hung up on being stick skinny. Muscle is what women should STRIVE for and I was finally getting that and seeing definition in places I never thought I could. Big proud moment - I could do regular PUSH UPS!! ;)
Since then, I have completed Chalean Extreme, Body Beast, Les Mills Combat, The Ultimate Reset (2 times), INSANITY, and Brazil Butt Lift. I have continued to maintain my body AND gain strength like I never thought I could have. I am now a comfortable size 2 and couldn't be happier!

But, just because I am at a good place doesn't mean I'll STOP. I will continue with my workouts, continue drinking my shakeology, and continue motivating others because this is a LIFESTYLE! My health is a priority to me now and taking care of it is a part of my everyday life! <3 

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results - 3 weeks.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results - 3 weeks.